Top 50 melhores músicas de 2013: 20-11*

11 Nine Inch Nails – Copy of A

Look what you had to start
Why all the change of heart?
Well you need to play your part
A copy of a copy of a
Look what you’ve gone and done
Well that doesn’t sound like fun
See I’m not the only one
A copy of a copy of

12 The Hidden Cameras – Gay Goth Scene

We don’t want no gay goth scene in this house…

13 Christopher Owens – Here we come

Hair on my head, tongue in my mouth
I have got it all figured out
Open up your heart tonight, New York City

Tongue in my ear, hair in my mouth
I want you to figure me out
Open up your arms tonight, New York City

14 Matias Aguayo – By The Graveyard

Vi isso em Amsterdam e não me lembro, significa? Hahaha

15 Arcade Fire – Here Comes the Night Time

They say heaven’s a place, yeah heaven’s a place
And they know where it is,
But you know where it is?
It’s behind the gate, they won’t let you in
When they hear the beat coming from the street the lock the door,
If there’s no music up in heaven then what’s it for?
When I hear the beat, my spirit’s on like a live wire
A thousand horses running wild in a city on fire
It starts in your feet, then it goes to your head
And if you can feel it, then the rules are dead
And if you’re the judge, then what is our crime?
Here comes the night time.

16 Belle and Sebastian – I’m a cuckoo

I’d rather be in Tokyo
I’d rather listen to Thin Lizzy-oh
Watch the Sunday gang in Harajuku
There’s something wrong with me, I’m a cuckoo

17 Ciara – I’m Out

Celebratin’ the breakin’ up, oh whoa
Bartender , go ‘head and pour me a little more
Tonight we gon’ have us a good time
Let’s have a toast to our goodbyes, oh whoa

Ladies, it’s your song
So as soon as this come on
You should get out on the floor
Go and get your sexy on
If you know that you better
Than the new girl that he on
Go ‘head and tell him now,
“You gon’ miss me when I’m gone.” (I’m out)

I’m out
I’m out
I’m out

18 Austra – Forgive Me

O lamento!

19 Disclosure – White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)

I don’t need you, giving it straight to me, giving it straight to me
Just gonna get my back.
I don’t need you, telling me how to be, telling me how to be
Just gonna get my back.

20 Laura Mvula – Like the Morning Dew

Our love is like the morning clouds
Like the morning dew, that goes away…


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