Top 50 melhores músicas de 2012*


Que anno!
Um pouco dos versos, melodias e dunduns que povoaram minha cabeça durante este anno.

[Isto deu um trabalhão pra fazer que estou sem saco pra escrever uma intro decente.]

      1. Grimes – Genesis

My heart I’ll never feel
I’ll never see
I’ll never know

Oh, heart
And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know

2. Usher – Climax

Going nowhere fast.
We’ve reached the climax.
We’re together now we’re undone.
Won’t commit so we choose to run away
Do we separate?
Don’t wanna give in so we both gave up.
Can’t take it back. It’s too late.
We’ve reached the climax, climax.

3. Tame Impala – Feels like we only go backwards

It feels like I only go backwards, baby
Every part of me says go ahead

4. Azealia Banks – Esta Noche

Tonight’s the night, the mood is right…

5. Santigold – Disparate Youth

Oh, we set our dreams to carry us
And if they don’t fly we will run
Now we push right past to find out
Or either win what they have lost

6. Patti Smith – Tarkovsky (The second stop is Jupiter)

The eternal sun runs to the mother

7. No Doubt – Looking Hot

Go ahead and stare
And take a picture please, if you need, yeah

8. Cat Power – Cherokee

Bury me, marry me to the sky

9. Fiona Apple – Every single night

I just want to feel everything

10. Scissor Sisters – Let’s have a Kiki

Let’s have a kiki
I wanna have a kiki
Lock the doors tight!

11. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

I will love you ‘till the end of time…

12. Django Django – Default

Forget about the cause,
Press rewind then stop and pause
It’s like a default

13. M.I.A. – Bad Girls

Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well

14. Garbage – Automatic Systematic Habit

Knocked down drag your name out
All across the town
I won’t be your dirty little secret
Tell your mother, tell your father, tell your friends, tell your teacher
I won’t be your dirty little secret

15. Marina & The Diamonds – Primadonna

Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can’t help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise, the fall

16. Julia Holter – Moni mon amie

17. Beach House – Lazuli

18. Death Grips – I’ve seen footage

I seen footage, I stay noided.. I seen

19. Flying Lotus – See Thru To U (feat. Erykah Badu)

20. Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, don’t kill my vibe

I am a sinner
Who’s probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me
Lord forgive me
Things I don’t understand
Sometimes I need to be alone
Bitch don’t kill my vibe
Bitch don’t kill my vibe
I can feel your energy from two planets away
I got my drink I got my music I would share it but today I’m yelling
Bitch don’t kill my vibe

21. Kat Graham –  Put your graffiti on me

Put Your Graffiti On Me
Put Your Graffiti On Me
Put Your Graffiti On Me

Tag me!

22. Yeasayer – Henrietta

23. TheeSatisfaction – QueenS

24. Nelly Furtado – Parking Lot

Le-le, ha-a-a-a-ha
Le-le, ha-a-a-a-ha

25. Lurdez da Luz – Levante

26. Major Lazer – Get Free

Never got love from a government man

27. Cassie – King of hearts

You are the prince of charm
Seduction is your art
You’ll never claim my love
You’re just my king of hearts

28. Damien Jurado – Life away from the Garden

Oh oh oh

29. Little Boots – Shake

Everybody shake
la la la la la la
Until your heart breaks
la la la la la la

30. Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

Eh Fatty Boom Boom
Hit me with the Ching-ching
Not fokken thinking, dolla eye twinkling
Just a bit of junkie,
Let’s not get too funky
Ohh ohhh ooh ohh

31. Spiritualized – Hey Jane

Hey Jane, where you going today?

32. Andy Stott – Lost and found

33. Alex Winston – Choice Notes

And i sip it off, i sip it off
I spit it out, it sounds real nice
I sip it off i sip it off
I spit it out, i’m satisfied

34. Crystal Castles – Transgender

Will you ever preserve will you ever exhume
Will you watch petals shed from flowers in bloom
Nothing can live up to promise
Nothing can stop its narrative
Nothing in place of catalysts
And you’ll never be pure again

35. Madonna – I’m Addicted

When did your name
Change from a word to a charm?
No other sound makes the hairs stand up
On the back of my arm
All of the letters push to the front of my mouth
And saying your name is somewhere
Between a prayer and a shout
And I can’t get it out

When did your name
Change from language to magic?
I write it again on the back of my hand
And I know it sounds tragic
Your name’s like a drug
And I can’t get enough
And it fits like a glove
I’m addicted to your love…

36. Jam City – Her

37. The Golden Filter – Kill me

You kill me on
On and on and on

38. Daphni – Light

39. Metá Metá – Exu

40. Florrie – Shot you down

I shot him down down down down down down down down

41. Actress – Jardin

42. Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural

Come on let-let-let-let-let-let-let go

43. iamamiwhoami – Play

But I can dance tonight
And make up songs for us to sing
You hold my heart because it’s cheap
And to your rhythm I will shout
My love for play

Lala la la lala la lala la la la
Lala la la lala la lala la la la
Lala la la lala la lala la la la
Lala la la lala la lala la la la

44. Lucas Santtana – Ela é Belém

A cidade acorda
Sinos á capela
Morena por quem eu me dobro…

45. Sleigh Bells – End of the line

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Now it’s the end of the line
So goodbye

46. Metric – Youth Without Youth

47. Rufus Wainwright – Out of the game

Look at you, look at you, look at you, look at you suckers!

48. Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Dirt

49. The Shins – 40 Mark Strasse

My girl, you’ve given up the fight.
You have to lose these childish notions.
Are you going to let these Americans
put another dent in your life?

50. Scuba – The Hope



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