Top 50 Melhores Músicas de 2011.

Teve um pouco de tudo… Laninha Del Rey, St Vincent, Metronomy, PJ Harvey, Lykke Li, Criolo, Gang Gang Dance e Nicola Roberts, cada um apareceu com duas musiquinhas. Um ranking essencialmente pop.

      01 Lana Del Rey – Video Games

      02 St. Vincent – Cruel

Bodies, can’t you see what everybody wants from you?

      03 Metronomy – The Bay

Because this isn’t Paris
And this isn’t London
And it’s not Berlin
And it’s not Hong Kong
Not Tokyo
If you want to go
I’ll take you back one day

      04 Beth Ditto – I Wrote The Book

The world is full of good intentions
Paradise is hard to find

      05 David Lynch – Good Day Today

      06 Wild Beasts – Bed of Nails

I love Frankenstein in nature and
Design like the Shellys on their very first time
When our bodies become electrified
Together we bring this creature to life

      07 James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

I don’t know about my dreams.
I don’t know about my dreamin anymore.
All that i know is
I’m fallin fallin fallin fallin.

      08 Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

      09 PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder

I’ve seen and done things i want to forget…

      10 PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

      11 Rihanna – Man Down

      12 EMA – Butterfly Knife

You were the goth in high school
You cut and fucked your arms up
You always talked about it
They thought you’d never do it
But I knew I knew I knew
I knew someday …

      13 Destroyer – Chinatown

      14 Glass Candy – WARM IN THE WINTER

I love you… We love you…

      15 Nicola Roberts – Gladiator

Show show show show show show show
Here I go go go, here I go go go
Gonna tap tap tap tap tap tap tap on the mic now
Say my name now

      16 Feist – Graveyard

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring ‘em all back to life

      17 Criolo – Não Existe Amor em SP

Não precisa morrer pra ver Deus

      18 Joan as Police Woman – The Magic (Radio Edit)

I’m looking for the magic
I’m feeling for the right way out of mind
Looking on the alchemy to release me from that maze
I’m making myself

      19 St. Vincent – Cheerleader

But i-i-i-i-i don’t wanna be your cheerleader no more

      20 Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way

Love, I’m in love again…

      21 Gillian Welch – The Way It Goes

That’s the way that it goes
Everybody’s buying little baby clothes
That’s the way that it ends
Though there was a time when he and i were friends

      22 Gang Gang Dance – Adult Goth

      23 Drake – Take Care (feat. Rihanna)

      24 Criolo – Bogotá

      25 The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

      26 The Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

      27 My Morning Jacket – Holdin on to Black Metal

      28 Class Actress – Keep You

      29 Jay-Jay Johanson – Suicide Is Painless

that suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take of leave it if I please

      30 Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla

Don’t fear the mind killa

      31 M83 – Intro

      32 Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

Call your girlfriend
It’s time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it’s not her fault
But you just found somebody new

      33 Kassin – Calça De Ginástica

      34 Cults & Superhuman Happiness – Um Canto de Afoxé para o Bloco d’Ilê

      35 Marina & The Diamonds – Living Dead

I haven’t lived life
I haven’t lived love
Just bird’s eye view
From the sky above
I’m dead dead dead dead
I’m living dead dead dead dead

      36 Sky Ferreira – Sex Rules

Sex rules
Use your god-given tools
Sex rules
I pity the fools
Who realize too late
Love, sex, and god are great
Oh-oh oh-oh
Sex rules

      37 Peaking Lights – Summertime

      38 Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Feat. Santigold)

      39 Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Take a walk on the wild side

      40 Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight

      41 Nicola Roberts – I

I hope that one day we get the answers

      42 Jessie J – Price Tag

It’s not about the money, money, money
We don’t need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance
Forget about the price tag

      43 Kate Bush – Wild Man

While crossing the Lhakpa La

      44 Lykke Li – Get Some

Like the shotgun needs an outcome
I’m your prostitute, you gon’ get some


      46 Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

      47 White Lies – Bigger than us

I don’t need your tears
I don’t want your love
I just gotta get home

      48 Warpaint – Billie Holiday


      49 Girls – Honey Bunny

    50 White Denim – At the farm

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